What is AC Link?

An AC Link is a smart thermostat device which you can connect to your air-conditioner and control from your smart device. When you install an AC Link it no longer matters if you are at out with friends, on vacation or enjoying a walk you can now easily monitor and control the climate of your home or business by simply logging into the Emerald Planet EMS app. This means no more searching for the remote, as everything is accessible on your smart device.

  • Adjustable
    mode and fan

  • Set smart triggers
    to reduce your
    electricity bills

  • Set
    and timers

  • Set your air-conditioner
    to self-adjust depending
    on the temperature
    of your home or business

  • Automated
    switching on/off
    based on your

  • Compatible
    with all
    split system

How it works?

Simply plug in your AC Link and place it within clear line of sight to your split system air-conditioner.

Once your AC Link is paired to the Emerald Planet EMS app, you will now have full control of your split system air-conditioner from anywhere in the world.

Adjust the temperature, turn it on or off, change the setting without reaching for the remote and set schedules so that you know your air-conditioner will work with your routine, and much more!